When Surviving on the Surface
is No Longer Enough

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Trapped by different versions of yourself?

On the outside, others see you as successful, happy, and competent.

On the inside, you feel overwhelmed, strangely sad, and never good enough.

Does it take more and more energy just to manage these competing stories?

A deep dive brought Gina* back to the surface with a better version of herself.

Gina was attractive, witty, and dressed impeccably. She was at mid-life with a large family and had married a successful professional. She had created a beautiful life – with wonderful children and a lifestyle that was the envy of many.

But her usual means of coping were no longer working. She courageously took the deep dive, and together we unraveled the complicated and painful pieces of her story. The following are Gina’s own words about this journey:

  • Something in my life was not quite “right,” and I was certain I just needed “fixing.” Then all the drama, chaos, and pain that surrounded me would vanish. I just needed a better way of managing all my responses to the life I was living.
  • Dr. Morrison’s ability to truly listen and understand all that is being said, and in my case, all that I couldn’t vocalize, enabled me to trust in the process of therapy. She is a gifted therapist who helped me see all the strength and determination I possessed to proceed with a life that was beneficial to me and not just all the people in my life.
  • I came to understand that my responses to situations were a long-standing defense mechanism to sustained abuse I had normalized. The more we worked on my inherent strengths, the more I could see the life I was enduring was not the life I was supposed to live.
  • With Dr. Morrison’s guidance, I was able to proceed to a place of safety, comfort, and joy with a better grasp of my wants, needs, and desires. In discovering my worth, I was better prepared to find my happiness. I found Me.
  • *Name changed to protect client confidentiality.

Maureen Morrison, Psy.D.

More About Me

I am so pleased that you found me…

I help people dive deep below the surface of their lives to make sense of their own story with all of its beauty and brokenness.

All of our woundings are sourced in our relationships with others. Therapy offers a unique relationship where you are profoundly seen and heard in a new way.

Healing flows from this connection as we explore together the story you are telling about yourself that may be distorted by shame and pain.


Imagine creating a life worth living… dive below the surface and discover pearls of joy, deeper connections to others, and greater acceptance of yourself.

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I connect with people every day who are doing courageous work and find it is very possible to create a life worth living.

Now it is your turn to reach out and make that connection with me.