“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”

– Joseph Campbell

Life is a tapestry of experiences.

Each of our lives is a work of art – framed by birth and death.

Every ongoing life is a parable in process – an act of explanation to ourselves and others, as well as an act of creation.

Life’s impasses can overwhelm.

Most people who come to see me desperately desire to make some changes.

Many feel frozen and don’t know how to proceed.

Some are just going through the motions, and their life feels like one big “To-Do List. “

Usually, it feels like options are very limited, and they are getting more hopeless about their future.

Loss requires time to heal.

For some, a life crisis or significant loss (divorce, death of a loved one, job transition) requires them to slow down long enough to process the impact of these events.

What usually happens next is that we discover together previous pockets of grief and loss that have never been fully digested.

Together, we will make sense of the impact of these events, so you will be able to absorb their meaning in a fresh way.

Healing happens! You are left with a scar that is a reminder of your suffering but also evidence of your resilience and wisdom gained.

Some behaviors limit life’s possibilities.

At times, people will seek my help with changing parts of their life that feel destructive or self-limiting.

Some of the issues may be procrastination, self-sabotage, choices that damage their physical health, or relationship patterns that are hurtful.

We tackle those on two levels. First, prescriptions are offered for behavioral changes that are evolving experiments we tweak together. Second, we take a deep dive that asks questions about resistance to change and how these “stuck places” relate to the overall story you tell yourself about your life.

Life’s transitions require change.

A common reason to seek therapy is during a developmental shift in life – (happens to the best of us!). This can be a great catalyst for change, and the discomfort during the transition can be harnessed in creative ways.

Transitions vary with age and require decisions to be made.

It has been a joy for me to watch young adults successfully define who they are and launch from their families in healthy and productive ways.

Sometimes I get to share in the unique excitement of two people creating a future that is marked by intentionality and creativity. It is a fun “aha” moment when they both recognize they are free to design a life that may be very different from how it was done in previous generations.

Becoming new parents, changing careers at mid-life, watching children leave your nest, designing a retirement lifestyle, facing the end of life – all of these are identity shifts that deserve attention and care.

Spend time on the composition.

Our culture teaches us to just keep moving forward with our eyes on the goal, and that there is no need to pause and pay attention to your life. Just do it.

However, you and your unique story deserve better. You are worth spending time, energy, and resources composing a life that is an authentic expression of the gift you are to the world.

But change is hard and full of fearful distractions. We tend to hold onto the continuity we have, however profoundly flawed it may be. The risks of change and growth can be daunting.

Let me help you take the leap.

If you are reading this now, you are in the early stages of change. You have already started the process because you know there must be more.

Let me hold hope for you and be a safe companion as you dive deep into your life.

You can’t change your life until you start changing your life.