You’re not flawed – just built with different wiring!

Therapy for Highly Sensitive People in Wichita, KS

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You’re not like everyone else.

For as long as you can remember, you have felt like the odd one out.

People tell you to speak up, quit being so sensitive, and get your head out of the clouds!

You wonder if you are defective in some way.

The world seems overly noisy and draining.

Your brain often feels bombarded by all of the stimulation continually coming at you.

A deep sense of loneliness has penetrated your bones. It’s hard to accept that you do not easily fit into our culture of high energy extroversion that is pushing us all to go faster.

All of this intensity and overwhelm may be taking a toll on your body. You’re plagued with exhaustion, burnout, autoimmune disorders, or vague symptoms that you and the doctor can’t figure out.

I have some great news to share – you are not alone.

You belong to a minority of people who have different neurobiological wiring.

Yup, studies have shown in over 100 other species that this sensory processing sensitivity does indeed exist. It is associated with better responsiveness to the environment and social stimuli.

People with this trait have been shown to experience better results in therapy if they see a therapist trained in recognizing and understanding this trait.

That’s where I come in!

I have developed a specialty of helping Highly Sensitive Persons thrive in their environment and not just limp along trying to fit in.

It is not just a trendy label or an excuse to be a victim of your biology – it is a doorway.

I can help you discover the advantages of this trait and gain a new acceptance of your inherent design.

Our work together will allow you to develop the skills to take better care of yourself, so you are no longer chronically exhausted and overwhelmed by this noisy world.

Walk through the doorway to self-acceptance and freedom.

You will be amazed at the sense of relief you’ll feel when you discover you are not alone.

Experience awe as you find explanations documented by research that make sense of why you think, feel, and react the way you do. You are not broken – you aren’t part of the majority.

That makes you interesting and resilient – the world needs you to thrive and share your gifts.

Call (316) 768-7411 now, and let’s get started!