Now therapy is available for everyone.

The option of telehealth sessions has brought service to many who could not receive therapy in an office setting.

Please check with your insurance company to confirm coverage for this service.

I utilize a state-of-the art, encrypted, HIPPAA-compliant platform through my practice management software. It is easy to use and as simple as clicking on a link I send you through email.

However, like all things in life – there are pros and cons that should be considered. I am happy to consult with you about those issues and help you decide if it would make sense for us to use this technology.

Convenience is a major advantage.

No traveling, time saved, and staying in the comfort of your home or office are benefits too valuable not to consider. I have some patients who travel 90-180 miles to see me, so this option is a timesaver.

Through telehealth, I can see individuals from the entire state of Kansas, which can benefit those who live in areas with very few healthcare providers. For those who are at high risk medically, or live with someone who is, telehealth has been very useful in keeping them healthy.

Benefits documented by most research.

Research shows that the majority of clients report satisfaction, and treatment effectiveness compares favorably with in-person sessions.

Some patients report it is easier to be more vulnerable with what they share, because of a sense of “anonymity” and not being face to face in the room.

Virtual sessions can be challenging as well.

Finding a private space at home where there are no interruptions from the doorbell, your pets, or young children might be a challenge. Some patients have had to move to their car to maintain privacy.

A reliable Internet service makes sessions more enjoyable. Although a rare occurrence, there can be disruptions in the Internet connection or lack of bandwidth. It is unlikely, but possible, for any connection to be hacked, and confidentiality could be compromised.

Some therapists and patients report a diminished sense of connection. There are myriad and subtle facial and body cues that get distorted or minimized by the technology. Others report some fatigue after sessions because the loss of “mirroring” one another when face to face requires more energy.

If we decide that virtual therapy is a good option, I will ask you to review and sign a consent form for telehealth which outlines these risks.


I am in solo private practice and have a spacious office with a separate entrance. The area is quiet and private.

Ample and accessible parking is available on either end of the building.

With the introduction of Covid-19 to our daily life, I have made a few changes. I make every effort to leave time in between patients so that I can sanitize hard surfaces such as door handles, tables, and light switches.

The therapy space is large enough so that we can maintain social distancing. Since our understanding of Covid-19 is evolving, I work hard to adhere to the latest recommendations offered by the CDC, State, and local governments. Your health and well-being are vital to me.

My current patients have all been very diligent and cautious about canceling appointments if they have traveled recently, wake up with some symptoms, or have a reason to believe they have been exposed and follow up with testing. They highly value our option of meeting in person and have done their part to keep the office a healthy place.

Once we have established an appointment time and how we will meet, I will send you an email with a link to my Patient Portal. On the Portal, you can review and sign consent forms, provide payment information, and complete the intake/demographic forms.

You are also able to make future appointments in the online calendar if that is your preference.


(Wichita, Kansas, and surrounding cities)

This doctor makes house calls!

I was fortunate during my training years to engage in Concierge Therapy and found I really enjoyed it. I also learned it added a richness to the relationship, because I could experience people in their own context.

Concierge psychotherapy services are more common in large cities and on the East and West Coast. I am delighted to offer this creative option to the Midwest!

So exactly what would you gain?

  • I travel to your home or office – saving you time, driving hassles, and allowing therapy to unfold in your private and familiar space.
  • I only accept a limited number of Concierge patients – so that means you are at the top of my list when it comes to scheduling and return of calls. Your access to me is a priority.
  • There is more freedom and flexibility to extend sessions beyond the usual “therapy hour.”
  • An efficient use of time is a priority for many professionals and executives or those who possess more resources than time.
  • I offer more weekend hours to my Concierge patients.
  • Privacy is maximized for those individuals who may have a high profile in their community.

A doctor that makes house calls is no longer a relic from the past!

Reach out today so that together we can tailor an individualized package that is marked by professional excellence, convenience, and the ultimate in privacy.

Call (316) 768-7411 now to schedule your appointment, so we can meet at your office or home!